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Tips for Winning Best Dressed Costume in Singapore

You wanna be on top? The battle for the best dressed title is often hard-fought and here are just some tips on how you can clinch this star award and create an unforgettable experience.

Stay Relevant to the Theme

Before we get geared up and stay ahead of the game, we would need to first know what the game is about. So let’s just pay a little attention to the theme and stay relevant in order to be eligible for the competition.

Think out of the Box

One key to winning the best dressed award is to create an uproar and surprise the judges by wearing the most unexpected costume. You can do this by putting a twist to the character that you have chosen for the event theme.

Nobody needs you to be an exact duplicate of the character from the movie or theme; all you need to do is to outshine the rest in your choice of costume by being different. Think about cross-dressing, dressing sexy, going as a creature or even adding a touch of Singapore to your outfit!

Don’t be afraid of trying something new or care about how others view you. The best dressed award is about styling the costume in your own unique way. Just go all out and rock the costume look! Everyone loves to have some fun especially when we will becelebrating at the event.

Go into Details

Phua Chu Kang wouldn’t be Phua Chu Kang without his yellow boots and Cleopatra wouldn’t be Cleopatra without her beaded snake head headpiece. Dress from head to toe and don’t leave out any accessories in the costume. It could be a hat, wig, glasses, necklace, belt, gloves, shoes and so on. Be loud, be bold and you will be ready for the red carpet.

Be Who You Have Always Wanted to Be

Once upon a time, we wanted to be a superhero, a princess, an astronaut, Miss Singapore, a superstar and the list goes on. Each of us grew up with a childhood dream; why not dig up these memories up as you put on your costume for the event?

Forget the world, let loose and give yourself a chance to embrace your inner dream while soaking in the fun of the party!

Get into the Character

Donning on a costume and slapping on make-up is only half the journey to being crowned the best-dress. To complete the full look, take the character to the edge. Sport the look by bringing out the emotions and personality of the character. Are you a brave and mighty superhero, a dazzling superstar, a silly clown, an evil witch or even an annoying orange? And remember; add a twist to it if you can. What about a Sir Stamford Raffles with a Singapore slang?

Some parties bring the best dress battle up to the next level; do be prepared for a segment of talent show! Don’t be caught off guard and be ready on how you are going to flaunt your costume on stage! Being able to engage and interact with the audience would be a bonus. Remember, this is the best chance for you to shine!

Now, you are all ready to clinch that best dress title and win those shopping vouchers, staycations and prizes! With that, Dress Unique, Think Fearless! Rent your costume from CCM Costume Singapore today!