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How To Plan An Office Halloween Party

So maybe you want to organize something this coming October, but are not sure what exactly is that you need to do to make it as successful as Pokemon Go or Schooling’s Olympic Gold.

Well, what I can safely say is – Leave it to me la.

Things To Note When Preparing Halloween Party and Halloween Customes

Before you really go ahead with any of your event plans, do make sure that you have the full and unconditional support of your bosses/supervisors. It would be really messed up if you did settle your logistics and THENreceive that beautiful “no”.

A halloween costumes designer

Source: http://www.marieclaire.com/culture/a9972/devil-wears-prada-gifs/

Also, since it’s your office we’re talking about, it is best to make sure on the degree of modification that you are actually entitled to. That probably involves no blocking of emergency exits, careful placement of fire hazards, and of course the willingness of everyone in general to have their workspace converted into a scare zone. Otherwise you may be screaming – when the bill comes to you for any “maintenance work”.

Maintain your halloween costumes work well to avoid screaming

Source: http://winteriscomingbitch.tumblr.com/post/16687173059/nicolas-cage-in-ghost-rider-part-1

Things you need          

  1. 1. Props

You can’t really celebrate Halloween without having any spooky decorations. It’ll be like eating Chicken McNugget without the curry sauce – it may be ok, but never great. And no, just dimming the lights and playing some slow and scary music isn’t going to cut itexcept for those working at some abandoned hospital or warehouse.

Nevertheless, considering the standard Singapore work environment, effort and budget may be somewhat of a constraint. You don’t have to make your office look like Hogwarts, but you could easily still make it feel like a scene from a horror movie with a few critical touches.

This list is NOTexhaustive. Use your imagination!

Halloween costumes rental

Source: http://shuzhong.biz/office-halloween-ideas-decorating/

  1. 2. Costumes

Next up on the bucket list would then be costumes. While common knowledge would suggest monster/demon/ghost costumes, you may be surprised to know that uniforms/hero costumes can also suffice. Turns out that as long as you play your cards right (with the appropriate makeup/paint), even a sexy looking nurse can become some homicidal maniac. 

A place that I can safely recommend is Customade Costumes &Merchandiseof course!

You may be glad to know that they do offer corporate rates and potentially additional services for bulk rental (>10 sets). Even if you could not gather that many people, fear not for there is still a silver lining.  Unlike most costume shops in Singapore, it offers differentiated rental durations. You need the costume for only 1 day? Go ahead and take the 1-day rental. You need the costume for only a few hours? Go ahead and take the 7-hour rental.Both packages offer substantial discounts from the 3-day rental rate.

For the exact details you can try calling or emailing CCM @ 6333 9440/rental.ccm@gmail.com.  But at the end of it all, you will probably be swimming in all that discount.

Rental of halloween costumes in Singapore

Source: http://www.blacksatino.com/2015/10/spending-and-managing-of-your-money.html

  1. 3. Food

Last but not least, lefooodd. While everyday staples such as pizzas/mini buffets may suffice, having Halloween-theme food is like the icing on the cake.

If you are feeling adventurous, go ahead and DIY your own Halloween food. Although it may be time consuming, you can give yourself a pat on back knowing that you have saved a significant portion of your budget. You could refer to the following link for some recipes and inspiration.

If you feel that the pros and cons would justify the outsource option, you could simply either purchase Halloween treats from restaurants/outlets, or get a caterer to do everything for you! Either ways, the links for both are as follows:

Nevertheless, while your food needs a touch of Halloween, do make sure that it does not turn out to be too gruesome, less no one will be willing to eat it!

Some examples of halloween imagination

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5ARplzN8UA

Things to do

Now that all the logistics are done, all that’s left is to come up with a list of activities. Disclaimer alert! The success of this would largely depend on how enthuyour coworkers are. It doesn’t matter how fun and exciting the program is if all you have literally deadpeople participating. So … do remember to hype them up in the days prior to the Halloween itself!

Here’s a list of activities that you can consider. Once again, use your imagination!

If you find your office space too constrained, head on down to some pubs/clubs after the event to continue partying the night away!

With that, all I can say is – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!