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Why Rent from CCM - Your #1 Costume Rental In Singapore

Getting dressed for an occasion is not a difficult chore, but getting the best outfit and according to the theme might be a tough one. If you want to have it done easily with a snap-of-a-finger, then Customade Costume and Merchandise (CCM) is definitely the best place to go to in Singapore for your costume rental! And here is why!

Universe under One Roof

Can you imagine the whole Universe of costumes confined into one location? That is exactly what Customade Costume & Merchandise is like. We have an extensive range of categories and our customers are often spoilt for choice when it comes to costume rental.

Whether it is the mighty superheroes, evil villains, retro fever, enchanted fairy-tale, around-the-world international themes and wackymascots; we have them all over here in Customade Costume& Merchandise.

With our massive collection of over 20,000 costumes and 15,000 accessories, whatever costumes and matching accessories that you are be looking for, we have it all under one roof for you!

Professional Styling

With the professional styling provided by our costume specialists, many customers have managed to bag home the Best Dressed Awards at their events. If you are wearing a Hollywood-themed costume, don’t be surprised when someone asks you for your autograph while you are walking down the streets of Singapore. Get advice from our staff on what rental costume you could look for to let yourself shine at your party.

Right at the Heart of Singapore

Customade Costume and Merchandise is located at 3 Kelantan Lane, #01-01 Singapore 208625, the heart of Singapore. We are just a stone’s throw away from Toa Payoh Jalan Besar and Bus Interchange, making costume rental and return so easy and convenient.If you have a large group of friends looking to rent from us, why not consider engaging our on-site rental, costume delivery and collection service at a small fee?

Great Pricings

At CCM, we understand that our customers would need to use costumes for different durations. Some customers would want longer costume rental periods and some would only need them for a short while. We offer our customers a choice of flexible costume rental periods. You could choose from our 1-day, 2-days, 3-days and 1-week rental periods to enjoy the most value-for-money rental rates available to you.

Do check with us for better rates if you are heading over with a large group of friends or colleagues!

Professional Laundry

We love our costumes fresh and clean. That is why we have our own laundry done ourselves. If you are not sure how Downy smells, then you should come over to take a sniff! Get your costume rental with usto save you the trouble of washing and maybe to save on some perfume as well.

(Nope, Downy did not pay us to advertise for them)


It is our mission to ensure that our costumes make our partygoers look good and help them shine at their events. For this, we have our own secret weapon, a skillful and meticulous seamstress armed with her needles, threads and machineries to make you look marvelous. Flaunt your assets with a good costume fit with us at CCM!

If you are still unsure why CCM is the best choice when it comes to Singapore costume rental, then you would need to teleport over to experience it yourself!